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Arrow Global Load Balancer

Arrow Global Load Balancer is a part of High Availability Solution. Arrow Global Load Balancer is best suited for load balancing applications that cater to varied range of customers and devices. This will be very helpful when an application has many forms such as a API, Web, Mobile etc.

Load Balancing
[1] Handling User Sessions
One key aspect of Arrow Layer 7 Load Balancer is its ability to maintain user sessions in a particular node itself so that user session is maintained. There are many ways to identify a particular user and keep directing them to a particular node.
[2] Better Protection From Flood Attacks
Load Balancer has to properly maintain a user session and direct them to required source in the application layer. This prevents unwanted requests or unnatural requests that resemble a flood attack from reaching the application layer.
[3] Sessions Tracking and Replication
In case of multiple load balancers users in a location, the session details of a user has to be replicated to other load balancing nodes in order make the user reach a specific node, even if he is redirected to another load balancer.

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